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‘We can do this without Congress’: Obama working to unilaterally impose tax on cell phones

10,000 Apple accounts subject to data requests

thefloridianguy:  The sheeple will never get it till its to late.   A good saying I always try to bring up to the sheeple is something the Satanist always quote:  “Sheeple their what’s for dinner.”  …

Rise of the Titan: ‘World’s fastest’ supercomputer goes live

LG Pranks Elevator Riders, Makes It Seem They’re About To Die Using Newest Screen Technology (VIDEO)

3D Photos for Lytro Coming Very Soon

thefloridianguy:   Gizmodo talked with developers in China and they said that these features are coming out in a couple weeks.   This is what we’ve all been hoping for.   The next step for Lytro is…

Professor Higgs wipes a tear from his eye as fellow scientists find his ‘God particle’ on ‘momentous day for science’ – 40 years after he predicted its existence

thefloridianguy:  I hope this audience can see that reaching this conclusion we have now become Gods, because if we can do that what is to stop them (us) from creating life forms?   This is…

New Technology Turns Any Mirror Into a 3D Display

Internet Router Hubs Down All Over The World