Euro zone awaits market verdict on debt rescue plans

thefloridianguy:  Sounds like sheeple talk, which is not good and will lead to wailing and gritting of teeth.  This is what is in store for…

Purple Heart Dog – Fox News Video

Ottawa earthquake plans fell apart as city shook: documents

Two earthquakes rattle Central Oklahoma

What SB510 “The Food “Safety” Modernization Act” Means to YOU

thefloridianguy:  Welcome to mother Russia my communist friends, where the state owns and controls everything you can buy, sell or trade.  That is the communist goal to control everything, dictate…

U.S., S. Korea launch war games as tensions rise

S. Korea, U.S. conduct joint drill amid NK’s threats of rockets

Terrorism Experts Weigh In: What Kind of Attacks Might We Expect?

Is America on the path to ‘permanent war’?

Jet Stream Gone Haywire! “Significant” Snow Falls for Europe Predicted by Mid-Week

Russia considers biggest population redistribution since Stalin

thefloridianguy:  My question is this the move that the prophets talk about when they say Russia will release its masses on the entire world?  Are we this…

N.Korea ‘Has 180,000 Special Forces Ready to Cross into South’

Burning with anger: London streets in flames again as 25,000 go on rampage in new student fees riot



thefloridianguy:   This tells me that BOA is about ready to collapse at any time. YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO.  It points out that Silver, which reached new levels last week… is poised to…

Continuity of Government: Is the State of Emergency Superseding our Constitution?

ROGERKYOUNG.NET: OK…It was a Chinese Sub Fired Missile

All of the experts, not speaking on behalf of the government…all have declared it a sub fired missile, including the experts from Janes. the only question is whose was it?  Evidence is strong…