Tokyo Exodus Part 3: ATM Shutdowns, Power Outages Put Citizens On Edge, Gold Hoarded In Evacuation Preparations


GM closing pickup plant for lack of Japanese parts

Obama’s First Two Years a Disaster for America

Pickering nuclear plant reports water leak

The Best Gift in the World

The Best Gift in the…

Dead Fish Pop Up in Millers Pond

What IS ‘Saved’?

Japan Disaster – Understand & Prepare – Chris Everard & Max Igan

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The Amount of Radioactive Fuel at Fukushima DWARFS Chernobyl

Tokyo Counters in Real Time – check both as one may be offline

World starves as Americans burn food to stay on the road

Massive Japanese Storm Headed for U.S. West Coast

Very close encounters of the ‘super moon’ kind: Amazing pictures of our lunar neighbour… the nearest it’s been in 20 years

Special Bulletin: Japanese Earthquake, A Prophetic Demarcation in Time, Part 1

thefloridianguy:  I am very warry of Rick saying this is not going to be the end of America, because of two prophecies I am going to post on YouTube.  It has to do with…

Hundreds evacuated as Indonesian volcano erupts

Japan: tsunami waves at sea footage captured by Coast Guard