Rise Up and Fight the Enemy

Obama Caught Staging Terror Attack

thefloridianguy:  Take what Alex is saying here and add Gifford’s shooting, and you have today what Obama is trying to do and that is set up new gun control rules. target=”_blank”>Pt 1, target=”_blank”>Pt…

“By Tuesday, the mercury will soar to near the century mark across the Carolina Piedmont and I-95 corridor…”

Larry Taylor Blog News ~ July 10, 2011

thefloridianguy:  This shows the extent of all the earthquakes happening around the world, and you can see the news is trying to minimize what you and I already know is going to be the…

Volunteers assisting with Japan’s quake aftermath struggling with heat

thefloridianguy:  It’s time for the people of America to help a friend in need.  God is making Japan the center point of this whole ordeal, and he needs the church to help Japan.  Regardless…

An eruption has started at Katla super volcano

Thousands back Tulsa officer ordered to Muslim worship

Special: Uprising hopes give way to growing Islamism, racism and anti-Israel venom

Syrian protesters attack US, French embassies

Tyrannus Obama Rex

Mayor Claims Quartzsite, Arizona Under Martial Law After State Of Emergency Declared During Secret Meeting

thefloridianguy:  Like I said stand up to these police goons, kick them and the council members out of your town NOW.  They can wear all the gear they want but they cannot stop a…

Video shows children of killed Taliban fighters being trained to kill our troops

thefloridianguy:  Regardless you belief on this my belief is that if these kids are really that hardcore as the video shows then they WILL be thrown into hell, on hatred alone.  We all have…

TSA: Six-year-olds thoroughly searched, stun guns let through

Millions of Jellyfish Invade Nuclear Reactors in Japan, Israel (PHOTOS)

Helicopter Will Take Radiological Readings Throughout Puget Sound

thefloridianguy:  Will the results of this be censored so we don’t know if they are the truth or will the government let them release the real…

Record temperatures seen as heat wave plagues 15 states

S.D. state parks ravaged by flood along Missouri River