The Emergent Church: Doctrines

Birds are Disappearing

thefloridianguy:  Regardless what you want to believe it is the radiation in the atmosphere that is killing the eggs most likely, probably even killing the…

Radioactive Strontium Found In Fish Samples Taken From Connecticut River Near Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant

Military Battle on Israel Lebanon Border

Iran seen working through Assad’s brother

Live Videos of Armed Terrorists Groups in Hama Dragging Mutilated Army Members’ Bodies, Throwing Them into Orontes River

Syrian leader Assad ‘has lost all humanity’: UN chief

Swedish man caught trying to split atoms at home

Massive Global Cyberattack Targeting U.S., U.N. Discovered; Experts Blame China

thefloridianguy:  What do people think is left for China to take from us but our technology, and to do that they will just hack our computers and get…

Feds SWAT Team Fruit & Vegetable Sellers

Louisiana waives hay limits to help TX ranchers

The Outgoing Waters Vision

Comet ELENIN, Earthquakes, And YOU.

thefloridianguy:  I know I’m a skeptic on this one, but I still believe it’s a red/brown dwarf star with orbiting planets around it and a VERY LARGE TAIL.  We’ll know between Sept-Nov and early…

MULTIPLE CME ALERTS THIS WEEK: Strong Solar Activity Underway

Parched town to recycle sewer water

Dallas, and much of South, top 100 degrees again

U.S. gives billions of dollars in foreign aid to world’s richest countries – then asks to borrow it back

thefloridianguy:  What the hell sense did this make, we give rich’s countries money then ask to borrow it back from…