School changes lyrics from ‘God Bless the USA’ to ‘We love the USA’

Gun Shops: Obama Re-election, Doomsday “Preppers” Still Driving Rocketing Sales

April’s Fools

thefloridianguy:  I 100% agree with this article.   Everyone who voted for MB (Obumer) is a fool for wishing for hope and change.   What they got was pocket change and no hope, and soon we…

Exposing the Obama-Soetoro deception

thefloridianguy:   I hope Sheriff Arpaio is protecting himself, his staff, and his and their families, because Obama will stop at nothing to win this next election, even killing him.   He’s done it to Breitbart…

Bat-Killing Fungus Continues Deadly Spread; Death Toll Now at 7 Million

How to Trigger a Volcanic Eruption on Purpose

thefloridianguy:  Only God has enough power to erupt a volcano, that is the conclusion this article should…

Worst Easter getaway ever? Airports a nightmare, fuel tanker drivers’ dispute… and when you get there you could be snowed in

‘Very unusual’ start to tornado season

HEADS UP FOR SOUTH EAST US: Drenching, Damaging Storms Target Deep South

Below Average Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast

thefloridianguy:  This brings the weather patterns into question then, because the hurricanes disperse the heat around the world.   That is God’s purpose for…

Release What Is No Longer Useful

Escaping Judgment By Abiding in Christ


The Day the USA Will Be Nuked

Terrafugia: The flying car flies again

VIDEO: Tow Truck and Semi-Trailer Truck Fall Over Edge of Snowy Cliff in Leirfjord, Norway — North of Oslo

Mount Etna Erupts Overnight Gushing Lava down its Slopes