Suicide bombing in Syrian capital kills 10

Giant cannibal shrimp more than a FOOT long invade waters off Gulf Coast


Man Goes Into Rage Over Prices At Brockton Gas Station

Father: TSA Got Aggressive With Cerebral Palsy-Stricken 7-Year-Old From Long Island

Fresh report, ‘rumors flying’ of past Secret Service misconduct

Are You Ready for Doomsday? When The Man Comes Around

thefloridianguy:  Johnny Cash really did study the Bible, and knew a lot of the versus of Revelation that are happening…

Japan Earthquake Today 2012 Strikes Near Fukushima

Malaysia Told to Be Prepared for Tsunami

5th tornado confirmed in destructive Colo. storm

May 20th MegaQuake Syzygy

thefloridianguy:  I pray it dosn’t happen on May 20, 2012, there are a lot of us, including me who are not prepared, but these things must happen to save the Church and bring it…

Some Japanese towns to stay dangerously radioactive for at least a decade

Radioactive Wave Headed Toward the US 2012

Anonymous Interview: Medical doctors working in Fukushima say lots of people are dying — “Bleeding, losing hair, and having a bad health condition” (VIDEO)

thefloridianguy:  That is a person that has faith in God, to be able to stay in Tokyo even with fears of radiation sickness.   She is very…

4/29/2012 — Japan ‘cloud’ UPDATE — petro-chem or radioactive = west coast arrival now

Bombshell! — FEMA Camps Confirmed: Nightly News – Video

The End of America