LITTLE TIME TO GET READY: Mega-Quake – Rapture – Thermonuclear War

thefloridianguy:   Please listen to the fourth video down on this blog page everyone.  This man of God is serious that the earthquake in California and then the coming Tsunami in N.Y. area is going to happen very soon within months now.  DO NOT LET THE DEVIL MAKE YOU BELEIVE YOU HAVE MORE TIME, IT’S A LIE.   The earthquake will happen while  snow is still on the ground this year.   Everyone needs to be in prayer that lives in these areas, because judgement is at the door right now, and you do not want to be killed in these catastrophes.   You need to be asking God to save your families and yourself.   You need to ask where you need to be, and if you are not lead by God to stay somewhere then you need to leave NOW.   This information has been needed and is very important for everyone to be listening too.  It is very important that you also repent to God of your sins, so if you do perish you will be in heaven with him.

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