Locations and Nature of the Upcoming False Flag Attacks

thefloridianguy:  Again the only thing that will stop this event is prayer, and lots of it.  I pray every day that this event is stopped and God have mercy on this wicked nation.   There are to many prophecies however that dictate that this event will go down in the near future, all of them I have listed on this site.  This event eventually must happen for God to get the Church back on track and right with him.   Whenever it happens there will be Martial Law and then the UN who already has Russian troops in the US will use them to help calm the populace and claim that it was a unknown enemy that did this.   This event will probably take place at night not in the day and when we wake up the stock market will tank.   This event could even be triggered by a meteor/asteroid or comet, either one causes the same effect.   Again they will give us NO WARNING, and neither will Christ or God. Why some ask?   Because all of us must go through the three days of darkness talked about in Revelation, even the ones soon going to Heaven (that is only 144,000).


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