WHY DO AREAS LIKE THIS EXIST IN 21ST CENTURY?: Born into brothels: Heartbreaking photos of Calcutta’s notorious red-light district where thousands of girls are forced into sex work

thefloridianguy:  Personally and this is only my opinion but this is where the Church has failed.  In my opinion, there should be no area like this in the 21st century.   The Church should be doing a lot better and there should be no such stories anymore.  The problem remains is that many of the mega Church’s in America squander their money on their selves than help people in need of help.  This is why I believe the mission of the Church is missions, that is what Christ taught.  The mission of the Church is not to squared the money Christ gave it to help those in need.  This is why their are demons running the major mega Church’s today.  There are no pastors in mega Church’s just demons.


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