What is coming to the earth defies the imaginations of mere men. It will be more incredible than any thoughts, ideas, or Hollywood movies any of you have ever seen. GLYNDA LOMAX

thefloridianguy:  I can guarantee everyone that what God has in store for the entire Earth not just the US is going to be something we could never have dreamed up.  People have to remember that on this world we all reap what we sow, if we sow evil we get evil in return.  The majority of the entire world lives in sin, this is why the Church CANNOT be silent about sin they have to be as bold as Christ, because we are trying to save an evil world.   Salvation is the only thing that matters and making sure we do what Jesus wants us to do with our lives.  This means staying close to Christ and reading his word the Bible, because when all these events happen only Christ will get you through it.  People should be in prayer daily about what Christ has in store for their lives.   Under Christ wings we will all be safe.


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