PRAY FOR AMERICA: NWO To Nuke New York Monday Before Debate? Stock Crash Tuesday?

thefloridianguy:  I am greatly concerned about this bit of news I have viewed on  Christ would not warn people if this event was not imminent.  This news should be taken very seriously by the Church even if it does not happen the day it is said to happen.  Imagine if this event happened in New York and Obama said Hillary and Trump are dead from the explosion and the elections have to be postponed.  Obama would also say that Martial Law would have to be declared because of lawlessness in the streets.  People would be outraged, and who could blame anyone?  I just hope people know that this is all one big act, Obama and every president after Reagan has been an act.  They are all just puppets to their elite masters. Obama right now is like a dug in tick.  Obama has threatened that “America is better off under Martial Law.” and he is quoted as saying “IF the elections happen.”  Obama and the elite know there is something going to happen.  The elite right now have been very quiet, which means something is up.  There is nothing any of us can do to stop this event if it happens except to pray and ask God to forgive us of our sins and to spare America this agony.  If this happens this will truly be the time of Woe in America.  However I also know that it is time that the Church grow up and become the Church that Paul and the disciples built.  Pray God gives us all guidance in the days to come.

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