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The categories and articles on our page have been rearranged since the new template has been installed.   Primary categories are listed without numbers and secondary and subsequent categories under it have all been converted to tags within those primary categories.  When you click on a primary category it will view all categories and tags associated with that category.  For those wanting a simplified version of our sitemap this page shows the site structure and links to each category/tag.  Clicking on any link opens another link within another window keeping this window open.   I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of our blog.  Also remember some articles were created before I created the sitemap, so not everything is perfectly placed.  If you know the month it took place in simply use the archive list at the bottom of the page.  Some of the listed categories and tags are brand new and we were not using them before 2013 and therefore might not have any articles in them.  If this happens please select the next upper category.

World (Specifies what region of the world the event took place.)

  1. Africa
  2. Central America
  3. North America
  4. South America
  5. Asia / Pacific
  6. Middle East
  7. Euro Zone / Europe
  8. United Nations
  9. South Pole

Planet Earth (Deals with everything in nature.)

  1.  Sea / Sea Life
  2. Animals
  3. Insects
  4.  Earth Changes
    1. Climate / Weather
    2. Air Pollution
    3. Cold Weather Events
    4. Floods
    5. Haboobs / Sand Storms
    6. Tornadoes
    7. Tropical Storms / Hurricanes
    8. Warm Weather Events
    9. Tectonic Plates
      1. Earthquakes
      2. Tsunamis
      3. Volcanoes
      4. Magnetic Poles

Politics (The category and tags are based on The Constitution of the United States and its listing of powers.)

  1.  Legislative / Congressional Branch
  2. Executive Branch
  3. Judicial Branch
  4. Defense / Army / Marines / Navy / Air Force
  5. We The People (deals with Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Tea Party…)
    1. Awesome People (deals with people of exceptional courage)
    2. Postal Service
    3. US Schools

Health (Everything health related is located here.)

  1. Deadly Diseases
  2. Deadly Drugs
  3. Food / Product Recalls
  4. Drug Shortages
  5. Personal Health
  6. Alternative Medicine
  7. Nutrition / Fitness
  8. Viruses / Vaccines

Occults (Illuminati / NWO / Satanist / Islam) (Occults around the world are all part of the Synagog of Satan and that temple in today’s times include but are not limited to the Illuminati, New World Order, and Islam. Thefloridianguy (me) has always said on this blog that the Satanist and Islam are one in the same, and I WILL ALWAYS say that. The Satanist (as being at the top of the pyramid) and the other occult’s being bellow them all work for the same entity/demon (Satan).)

  1. Banks (Banks are added to this category because the Federal Reserve is a foreign entity in control of a majority of the banks around the world.  The Federal Reserve is controlled by the Illuminati.)
  2. Bush Headquarters / CIA (The CIA building since April 26, 1999 has been renamed  George Bush Center for Intelligence)
    1. CIA Terror Threats (CIA or Spook Threats including Islamic terrorist or domestic terrorism are all listed here)
    2. Intrusive Technology / TSA (New World Order and End Times Beast Technology along with Spook TSA agents are all listed here)
    3. FBI / NWO Cops (Both the FBI and NWO Cops usually work in tandem and are all linked backed to Bush Headquarters.   NWO Cops are some of the most violent, ruthless and uncaring cops in the United States – they have been desensitized by terror threats and society.)
    4. Transhumanism
    5. Satanist /  Islam (Both of these so-called religions have been hijacked by the CIA and or Illuminati at some point.  All are working for the same master.)

Second Great Depression (Some say 2008 was just a recession but in my books its still a depression that has not ended and is due to get worse in the future)

  1.  World Underpopulation
  2. Oil Prices
  3. Inflation
  4. Food Shortages

Heavenlies (Deals with our solar system and beyond)

  1. The Sun / Solar Storms
  2. Meteors / Comets / Asteroids
  3. Incoming Suns / Planets (A new category created specifically for Nibiru / Wormwood.  If you wish to know more about this please visit
  4. Stars / Nebula / Star Clusters / Galaxies

Disasters (Deals with all types of man made disasters on earth, because as it says in the Bible we will all reap what we have sown.  To prevent disasters prayer to God is required.)

  1. Man Made Disasters
    1. Oil Spills
    2. Nuclear Power Plant Alerts
    3. Natural Gas Explosions
    4. Toxic Sludge
    5. Cruise Ship Accidents
    6. Mining Accidents
    7. Train Accidents
    8. Nuclear Lab Alerts
    9. Chemical Plant Alert

Church (We can be refereed to as The Body of Christ or The Bride of Christ and we are found in every Christian denomination.)

  1.  End Times (The end times has already begun its just some don’t realize how far we are today.)
    1. End Time Preppers
    2. Dreams / Visions / Prophecies (The only place where you can know exactly what God has in store for all of us and what God wants each of us to do in these times.)
    3. World War III
    4. False Prophets (There are many of these in the Church and some Church’s need to wake up and remove them before God and Jesus do.)
    5. Strange Sightings (Related specifically to foreign troop movements within the US.)
    6. The Bible
    7. Heaven
    8. Hell

Power (Includes the different methods of generating electricity in the world and what happens when those sources are non-operational.)

  1.  Oil Wells / Refineries
  2. Nuclear Power
  3. Blackouts
  4. Brownouts



Video Blog (Where all the YouTube video discussions are posted)

Movies (The way the elite tell us what they have in order for us)

Funny (Some of the funniest events we can all LOL about)