Young Pelicans Found Starving In Florida Keys In Disturbing Numbers

500 flying foxes found dead from heat stress in Yarra Bend Park in Kew

thefloridianguy:  Just finished reading the article, thank God they figured out they need to water blast those trees the foxes are in to keep them…

‘High Alert’: Mystery illness killing bald eagles in Western U.S. — Wings paralyzed, full blown seizures — Experts: “Very big concern”… “Never seen anything like this”… “We just don’t know what’s going on” (VIDEOS)

thefloridianguy:  Radiation sickness from Fukushima is the…

Flying Squirrel Glides at Night | North America

Slideshow: Sperm Whales Adopt Deformed Dolphin

Bizarre muppet-like beast discovered

PENGUIN PANIC: Is this volcano on Heard Island exploding?

Massive Beef Recall Further Validates the Need for Small Farms and Local Agriculture

Please Move The Deer Crossing

Birds Hold Gatherings to Acknowledge Their Dead

Salmonella scare causes recall of dog treats

Video: Photographer mauled to death by grizzly bear

Pilots and Paws: Group Saves Lives of Unwanted Pets

thefloridianguy:  Thank you so much aviators for doing this for the unwanted…

Disease kills hundreds of deer in NC foothills

Emu disrupts traffic in Brevard County

thefloridianguy:  Sad it took the dingy cops that long to call the owner and put a towel over its head to get it to the house.   This shows the intelligence of the police force…

There’s a bumper crop of abandoned baby squirrels

Drought herd culling has milk prices rising