Early Start to Winter in South Dakota

Parts of Arizona were soaked with heavy rain that led to flash flooding.

Red sky at night spells danger for Yosemite: Phenomenal photos of fire threatening natural icon capture its awesome and terrifying beauty

The wettest January in 100 YEARS: Britain soaked by double the normal rainfall – and another deluge is due this weekend

17 California Towns Will Run Out of Water in the Next 60 to 120 days

‘You were warned!’ Al Roker and National Weather Service hit back at politicians blaming bad forecasts for chaos in the South that left roads coated in ice as 15,000 children were forced to sleep at their schools because officials had not cancelled classes

thefloridianguy:  The politicians don’t care because these disasters don’t make them any money.  That is what this is all about, this whole show we are all in is making money/greed.   When people wake…

Queensland facing fewer, but more intense cyclones

Winter Storm Maximus Forecast: Snow, Ice to Midwest, South, East Through Monday

More Snow on the Way for Chicago

Polar Vortex to Reinforce Extremes: Frigid East, Dry West

Drought Prompts Disaster Declarations in 11 States

Calif. firefighters make progress, say conditions ‘pretty good’ around homes

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Wildfires Stoke Fears Across California

500 flying foxes found dead from heat stress in Yarra Bend Park in Kew

thefloridianguy:  Just finished reading the article, thank God they figured out they need to water blast those trees the foxes are in to keep them…

Dry lightning sparks 256 fires in Victoria amid heatwave

School gardener dies amid ongoing heatwave in Victoria