UN warns northwest Africa over desert locust swarms

thefloridianguy:  It’s like I always say you can’t have it both ways.   You can’t limit pesticides without consequences.   The consequence here is swarms of locust.    If you stop the pesticides the locust take over…

Global Food Reserves Have Reached Their Lowest Level In Almost 40 Years

Drought Leads Restaurants to Raise Prices, Cut Portions

75% of African nations face food shortage threat: report

Drought herd culling has milk prices rising

Drought persists, hits wheat growers hard – report

The year the grains failed: Why poorer countries are scheduling ‘food-free days’

UPDATE 1-USDA could peg corn crop at 6-year low, slash end-stocks


Fallout from drought hits Roaring Fork Valley ranches

Severe food and water shortages continue worrying Somalis

After U.S. Drought, Russian Wheat Worries

Drought Extends, Crops Wither

DO IT NOW – Wait or Die

thefloridianguy:   I agree with Stan 100% if the Lord is telling you to start storring food you need to start now, and I also agree that gold and silver are not going to save…

Drought Aid for Farmers Runs Dry in Washington

SOMETHING I HEAVILY SUPPORT: US biofuel production should be suspended, UN says

thefloridianguy:   All the cars using this biofuel need to stop using what little corn is left for feeding cows and animals, and lets see people.   Cars are adding to our depleted and drought stricken…

Ranchers Send Cows To Slaughter As Drought Sears Pasture