Report: US Spy Agency Infiltrates Personal Computers Worldwide

thefloridianguy:  At this point this is something everyone should already know.  I choose not to care to much about them spying on me.  I am a Christian and I’m not scared of the bogeymen…

National ID Law Takes Effect In 2014

thefloridianguy:  The National ID Act will be tied to the Obamacare Act, both are the same agenda and that is to make you a 100% slave to…

NSA surveillance reach broader than publicly acknowledged

WHAT A WASTE: TSA to purchase 3.5 million rounds of ammunition

Valet parked cars searched under TSA regulations

Greenwald on ‘coming’ leak: NSA can obtain one billion cell phone calls a day, store them and listen

ONE MORE STEP TOWARD THE BEAST SYSTEM: Senate Passes Bill Requiring Biometric Exit System At Airports

Snowden admits taking Booz Allen job to collect data on NSA surveillance

thefloridianguy:  Again I think Snowden is a hero not a traitor, so I hope Snowden goes all the way with the information he’s telling us, hold nothing back and be bold and…

License plate locations tracked, details stored

NSA has total access via Microsoft Windows

Revealed: Yahoo FOUGHT against NSA’s warrantless spying program but lost and was forced by secret court to join PRISM `

thefloridianguy:  Don’t believe the sheeple media, Yahoo is owned and operated by George Soros.  You’ve always been watched…

Big Brother Alert: Cameras In The Cable Box To Monitor TV Viewers

thefloridianguy:  The truth about this is its already in every single TV and every single Digital Box all of us have.   They already listen to everything, the question is does America really care anymore?  …

Smile! FBI scanning driver’s license images

thefloridianguy:   Throughout all of this mumbo-jumbo we have only ourselves to blame for letting it get to where it is now and that is Statsi…

The True Extent of Silicon Valley Cooperation With the NSA Goes Further Than You Know

10,000 Apple accounts subject to data requests

thefloridianguy:  The sheeple will never get it till its to late.   A good saying I always try to bring up to the sheeple is something the Satanist always quote:  “Sheeple their what’s for dinner.”  …


Ex-TSA Screener: Officers “Laughing” At Your Naked Image