Yet 5 Days and New York City Will Be Destroyed!?

PRAY FOR AMERICA: NWO To Nuke New York Monday Before Debate? Stock Crash Tuesday?

thefloridianguy:  I am greatly concerned about this bit of news I have viewed on  Christ would not warn people if this event was not imminent.  This news should be taken very seriously by…

We are going to get hit and hit hard and it is going to affect the whole country

thefloridianguy:  This needs to be prayed about that it never happen.   I know the elite have a plane crash in the US planned and they probably are going to unleash on us some…

BREAKING: Obama is gunning for war with Syria and Russia.

GAME-CHANGER: U.S. intelligence assessment says Iran can now build and deliver nukes. Now what?

thefloridianguy:  Some wonder why God would send Nukes onto America soil, well this about says it.   We are allowing the wicked to build and make Nukes to eventually destroy God’s choosen people (Israel).…

Enemies, Both Foreign and Domestic, Prepare to Invade America

China warns ‘firm response’ if Japan attacks its ships

thefloridianguy:  It is heavily advised that we all pay attention to China, who has most if not 90% of the world…

Bolton: Putin plot to ‘reconstitute old Soviet Union’

New Bomber Can Nuke US Military Bases, Brags Chinese State Media

US war games in Jordan send warning message to Assad

thefloridianguy:  I guarantee there will be war again in the Middle East soon.   I also can 100% grantee that one day Damascus (Syria) will be ruinous heap as it talks about in the Bible…

Professor: Don’t Be Surprised If There’s A War Between Japan And China In The Next Year

What Will You Do When the Lights Go Out?

Report: Iran Building Powerful Nuclear Device

Russia will ‘React Sharply’ to US Aegis Ships – Deputy PM

Russia Expects Missile Shield ‘Flexibility’ from Reelected Obama

China submarines to soon carry nukes, draft U.S. report says

Here’s How Israel Thinks It Could Attack Iran Without Setting Off WW3